Homes for Sale in Greenwich, CT

The selling process in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich ct real estate for saleAs you consider selling your home you should reach out to us to get a better understanding of what's happening in the Greenwich CT real estate market as you prepare to sell your home. You need to see the other listings in your price range. You need to see those that have sold as well as those that failed to sell. This will give you an excellent understanding of where to price your home.

Ok. you're ready to sell!

We start by helping advise you in how to stage your home for buyers. We have excellent material for you to read to help in this process.
This is the time you should gather all of the paperwork you need to help sell the house. Any recent expenses you made in renovating the home helps us to show buyers the care you've taken of your home. You will also have to complete a Property Disclosure form outlining any issues there are (if any) with the home.

How much should I ask for my home?

As discussed earlier, a good exposure to other homes on the market tends to be an excellent guide to pricing your home. While there not be an exact 'comp' to use in pricing your home, there are always other sales we can use and then allow for different conditions, areas, lot sizes, etc etc to produce a good pricing strategy for you.

Property Disclosure Form

While it is not compulsory to complete a Property Disclosure form to sell a home, failure to do so will usually will cost you $300 at closing and will also raise buyers questions about your motives in not doing so. We will asist you in completing this easy form.

Home is Listed

You have signed a listing agreement and we have submitted that to the Greenwich MLS. Within the first week we generally hold a Brokers Open House to give other Realtors a walk-through on their Open Hour tour. This happens either on Tuesdays or Thirsdays, depending on the area of Town. After that, buyers are shown the home under whatever arrangement you have asked for.

We have an Offer!

When we get an offer I will advise and help you to get the best possible price and terms.
An offer should include the following information:

  • How much the buyer wants to pay.
  • How nmuch of a mortgage he's applying for.
  • When he wants to move in.
  • Any conditions or contingencies he's included with the offer. (mortgage, inspection, appraisal, etc etc)
  • Inclusions/exclusions.

    If you're not satisfied with the offer, you have to decide whether to counter or not. If you make a counter-offer, the buyer may make another counter and so on unitl we agree on acceptable terms (or not).

You have an Deal!

Timing is of the essence here. We need to get the written offer from the buyer so that our attorney can write up a contract with those terms and send it to the buyers attorney. Until we have that contract back signed by the buyers, together with his deposit check and you counter sign that contract, there is nothing to bind any of the parties.

Before we close

Between contract and close we have to monitor the dates of the buyers contingencies. In other words, if he has told us he needs 60 days to get a mortgage, when that time is up, he must be approached to see if he is prepared to release that contingency. Same with inspections, etc etc. until all contingencies are released.

The close

The close is where you pass Title to yoru home to the buyer and pick up the check. All documents are recorded in Town Hall and everyone's happy.


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