Houses for Sale in Greenwich, CT

houses in greenwich ctCongrats! You’ve decided you want to purchase your first or next home in Greenwich CT !

To start the process, sign up to our site and check out listings in your price range. Save that search criteria and we will update you on all the listings in that range, price changes, new listings, etc etc

It's important that while you are searching for a home that you contact a mortgage broker to get a pre-approval so that you know what price range you qualify for. This will also demonstrate to the sellers that you are a responsible and serious buyer. I can put you in touch with several mortgage brokers, if you need me to.

All the listings on this site are supplied by the Greenwich MLS. They are a combination of all brokerage listings in Greenwich . As well as this we also have access and show listings in other lower Fairfield County towns. This is the only resource you will need to buy your home.

The only other professionals needed to complete your purchase will be a real estate attorney and a home inspector.

First things first…you've decided on the house you want to buy:

You decide what you want to offer the seller and tell us to relay that to the seller
Normally we would need the following information from you to accompany the offer to the seller:

  • How much you want to offer
  • How much you are borrowing
  • When you want to move in
  • What conditions you are putting on the offer. These are called contingencies and can include mortgage, inspection, appraisal, etc etc
  • Anything else that may be included or excluded with/from the house at the close.

Quite often the first offer is not accepted by the seller and he/she counters to you. Then you can have a series of back and forward offers and counteroffers.

Next stage - your final offer is accepted!

In Greenwich everything to this point is usually verbal and non-binding on either party. So, the next step is to go from accepted offer to written contract. The agreed offer is written up and sent to sellers attorney who draws up a contract with those terms and returns to your attorney ( that you have since appointed!). Your attorney would review that and assuming it matched the agreed terms, would ask you to come in to sign and send in 10% deposit with your signed contract.

After contract signing and before you close

Timing is important here. You have to produce all the documentation necessary to finalize your mortgage. If you help advice here, just call me. In the meantime you will get a list of home inspectors so that we can carry out a full inspection to satisfy you that the property in is good condition. The Bank you're using will also want to send out an appraiser to confirm the value of the property that are issuing a mortgage on. Once all these are completed to your satisfaction we then proceed to the close at the agreed date.

Finally - you get to close on the property

The day finally arrives that the house becomes yours and you get the house keys. Title deeds to the property are transferred to you. You sign the mortgage papers. The transfer is recorded at Town Hall.

Call Chris at 203-249-4394 or Mike at 203-869-4900 or email Chris at or Mike at to arrange a confidential appointment.